Cannabis Education

 At MomForce, we support full legal access to cannabis for all adults. We know regulation and education are reducing teen drug use and overdose. We believe honest education is the key to heal our nation and break the cycle of addiction.

While there are many issues of great importance, not one of them has touched every facet of our society the way cannabis prohibition has.

Harm Prevention

We educate our neighbors about the dangers of toxic substances, both legal and illegal. As parents and concerned citizens, we want to help prevent problems before they start by teaching young people the truth. From the youth to the senior community, Americans are inundated with drugs and alcohol.

Cannabis is a natural, non-lethal alternative to many harmful substances.

Whole Health Solutions

There are many healthy, natural alternatives to prescription drugs. Everything we consume impacts our mood, energy level, and vitality. Food is our body’s fuel, and it can work for or against us.  Super foods propel, while junk foods make us tired and sad. We can prevent, cure, or aggravate disease depending on what we consume.

“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”- Hippocrates


We are neighbors helping neighbors to realize renewed health and vitality by trying a natural, nontoxic alternative to more harmful substances.


Once you know the truth about cannabis, we encourage you to stand up and speak out for the issue. Truth is our first line of defense against cannabis prohibition.