Don’t Let Big Pharma Buy our Elections

Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy accepted $500,000 from INSYS Therapeutics to fight the nonlethal marijuana that is reducing opioid use by over 50%.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich is suing INSYS for putting patients at risk.…/brnovich-files-suit-to-accuse-…/

It is irresponsible to propel opioid use while our neighbors are dying. We must come together for a solution.


Most of our neighbors qualified for medical marijuana with chronic pain. Replacing those opioid pain killers with a non lethal substance prevents those over prescribed pills from falling out of our medicine cabinets and into the hands of our kids.

Worried about kids using drugs? We are too. Read the statistics:



Learn more about INSYS Therapeutics:

Indictment Charges Drug Company Manager with Engaging in a Kickback Scheme Related to Fentanyl Spray Prescriptions


Pharmaceutical Executives Charged in Racketeering Scheme


Former executives of Chandler company face investigations over opioid spray, patient deaths


The pain killer: A drug company putting profits above patients


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  1. John Blevins
    John Blevins says:

    She just must be totally Stupid to think that WE PARENTS are going to sit back and watch this and say nothing. GIVE THE DRUG MONEY BACK, TAKE LESSONS FROM THE STATE OF WASHINGTON ON THIS, THEY ARE SUING THE COMPANY. Disgusting to accept it. And she WILL be voted OUT of office 🙂


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