MomForce AZ 2017 Wrap Up – A Decade of Cannabis Advocacy

MomForce AZ 2017 Wrap Up – A Decade of Cannabis Advocacy


This month marks my tenth year in cannabis advocacy.

When I came into this issue, I had been standing up for education and those who do not have a voice. Having overcome my own difficult experiences, I wanted to help those who could not or did not think they could help themselves. My interest in injustice led me to understand cannabis prohibition, and my understanding turned into a decade long crusade. While I knew we were saving lives standing for a just cause, it was such fun in the beginning I saw it as a sort of selfish outreach. We all wanted to live in a world without penalties for cannabis possession, but many of us had no idea how much good we could do by responsibly propelling the issue. Together, we have learned more about our health and our government than many of us ever predicted. Over the years, the meetings we started have brought great friends, family, and blessings beyond my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to stand up for cannabis. Having lost my father to alcohol and seeing so many kids lose their short life to substance experimentation, I stood up to save lives. I stood to fight an injustice that had the potential to impact every facet of our society. As I learned about cannabis I began to see an answer to environmental issues, world hunger, violence, overdose deaths, and addiction. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.


As a woman raised with respect for life, a mother who wants to keep kids safe, and an Arizonan for liberty and less government intrusion, I could not ignore the injustice of cannabis prohibition once I realized its origin. I knew we could save lives by talking about this, understanding it, and changing the laws surrounding it.


The cat is out of the bag.

The world is beginning to understand cannabis. Through social media and honest education, we are learning just how common its use is, and has always been. People are finally beginning to feel comfortable talking about it without snickering, and more importantly they are considering using it as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The statistics keep coming in, and they continue to weigh in favor of legalization. Teen drug use is down, dui-related traffic fatalities are down, and overdose deaths are down in states that allow cannabis. Cannabis is making our world a peaceful and more empathetic society. Thanks to all of you who have stood up, written letters, made calls to legislators, and propelled the truth through conversation and on social media, prohibition is fast becoming a thing of the past.  


There is still much work and education to be done, and MomForce will continue to defend cannabis use when necessary and educate our neighbors wherever possible.


What is MomForce?


MomForce is a 501c4 nonprofit organization for substance education, harm prevention, and whole health solutions. We are an all-volunteer group of parents and concerned citizens standing for good health and common sense drug policy.


-We are not beholden to any business or monetary entity. Our contributors are listed on our website. While we thank them for their support, we do not recommend products or businesses.


-Are we pro-cannabis? Yes, we are for all natural solutions that leads us to higher health. Cannabis is helping people with issues from pain management to cancer treatment.               Our nation is in the grip of an opioid epidemic. As a nontoxic alternative to opioid pain pills, we focus on cannabis as a quick remedy to this deadly crisis. While cannabis is becoming legal across the nation, honest education is breaking the cycle of drug use and addiction.


As we go forward, we will continue to educate about cannabis and explore other issues that have impacted our health. After talking with hundreds if not thousands of Arizonans about their medicine, I have come to the conclusion that many of us are ill because of what we eat. When we eat for prevention and not just for pleasure, we can move through most all health problems. Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food. Truer words have never been spoken. Without health problems, you don’t need prescription drugs.

The Powers That Be convinced us that cannabis was bad, and their chemicals are good.

Of course they got to our food, as well.


I am overwhelmed how power and greed has been allowed to take away our health.

Think about it- if something is being sold to you, it probably isn’t good for you.

Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and unhealthy foods are pushed on us every day.

So many legal poisons, not many healthy solutions being pushed or sold to you.

Have you seen a commercial for Broccoli? How about Green Tea?

Milk? Yes. Got Milk?

Beef? It’s What’s for Dinner.


These industries use their billions to make more billions, on the back of our health.

Americans have fallen into a Culture of Consumerism that is leading us to a Culture of Death.

We eat terrible foods from morning to night and wonder why we feel bad. Doctors are quick with a pill to make us feel better. Pharmaceutical commercials blow my mind with their happy dancing people, light hearted music, and deadly warnings. It’s like we are living in some sort of alternate universe.


There is so much heartache and  injustice in our world. It is hard to bear, and many fall into the hands of addiction. Whether it’s food, alcohol, or drugs, it’s all being sold to you at every turn from the time we are born.

So many homeless people, while so many vacation homes sit empty.

So many seniors sit alone, while kids wait for their parents to play with them.

There is a lot of work to be done in our communities, and we can all do something to help.


MomForce is working to make this world a better place through advocacy and education.

We are going to be approaching new issues and climbing to new heights in the future.

Drug policy will remain our main focus, but we will also be talking about the issues that lead people to take drugs through our Let’s Get Real About Drugs and Arizona Parents & Concerned Citizens outreaches.

-Bad health



-Family issues


Our goal has always been to save lives and help break the cycle of addiction.


As an all-volunteer organization, we depend on the kindness of others to propel our mission.

Donations fuel our projects, and without them we cannot continue.

MomForce is hard to support since we are neither in the cannabis industry nor the mainstream. I understand your apprehension. We are friendly with law enforcement, and that makes many industry people nervous. I have always believed we are doing the right thing, and no one needs to know this more than law enforcement and law makers. We will continue to reach out and educate those who need to know more. We speak truth to power. We are politically independent, so we are sure to offend those on both sides on the aisle.

We stand for pragmatic progress, and truth above all else.


We appreciate those who have bravely stood on the edge and supported us in the past, and we encourage others to invest in our work. There is no end to the good we can do together.


To free up time to devote to new projects, I have removed MomForce as an affiliate of Americans for Safe Access. We appreciate their good work and will continue to refer folks to their website and great information.


I am creating a new contact list for MomForce.

Our list needs an update! If you would like to stay up to date on our events, stay in touch with us at If you would like to be added to our new email list, please sign up through the online form.


What’s up for me in 2018?


I am excited to say I will be again returning to school to learn more about health, wellness, and substance abuse. I will remain Director of MomForce and continue to teach my classes, lead support groups, and help make the world a better place where I can. I plan to concentrate on my wonderful family and organize my house from top to bottom. Ten years of neglect and travel have caught up and I have much to do! I am anxious to get started. I have been successfully vegan for 18 months, and alcohol-free for about five. I am feeling toxin-free and healthier than ever before. Clean living is a whole new high!


I have been proud to be a voice for cannabis, but after ten years talking about little else, I must move on. I will continue to speak up when necessary, but I must make more time for the things that are most important: my Family and true Friends. It was never my intention to remain in the industry. Before the blessing of motherhood, I intended to go to medical school. Through this cannabis outreach, I have learned enough to help people on a path to higher health, and I am excited to develop this calling. I will surely be at the occasional industry event,  in support of the host or Mr. Inman while he lights up the world. My husband has patiently supported me at my events all these years, and I am delighted to be there to support him in all he does.


I would like to thank the representatives who stood with me in 2017, and invite all members to become more involved going forward. My partner on the west side, Don Ream, has done an amazing job rounding up a New Posse in Sun City. Don has brought together an amazing group of advocates, teachers, and friends to help neighbors in America’s Retirement Capital.  If you are a member, please reach out if you would like to become more hands on with this organization. We are all-volunteer and open to new ideas!


I will continue to lead respectable demonstrations when necessary.

On January 8th, we will be back at the Arizona State Capital to remind our lawmakers that cannabis can stop the opioid epidemic for our 3rd annual demonstration on opening day. I encourage all of you to join us to stand for a nontoxic solution and contact your representatives to tell them what you know about opioids and cannabis.


This is a life and death issue, and I have always asked activists to give it the respect it deserves.

While cannabis advocacy was fun for me at first, I quickly realized we were talking about a possible cure for cancer, among many other ailments. It is for this reason I have promoted responsible, respectful, educational advocacy without consumption. There’s a time and a place for everything, and I don’t have time to organize parties when there is so much work to be done. Real advocacy for this cause means breaking old stereotypes and changing hearts and minds, in my opinion.

I have been disappointed by some who have come to us as a volunteer to stand for the medicine, then turn around and exploit consumption. This perpetuates stereotypes and makes our whole industry look bad.


While I thoroughly understand and appreciate the culture of the adult community, I stand so our grandchildren may grow up in a drug-free world.


I came here to save lives. It’s working. I didn’t come here for any sort of fame or notoriety. I did what I have done to try to help in a way I thought I could. I did it because it is the right thing to do. While I didn’t do this for fame, I ended up getting some because I stood up as a volunteer for Prop. 205. My grocer, friends, everyone saw me on those commercials. People still look at me in the store, and sometimes they come up and thank me. Many times, they bless me.

That’s what I run on. The idea that I am doing something so good that people are compelled to say God Bless You for what you do.

After ten years, I look back knowing I was named the Best at what I have done. I was able to explain cannabis prohibition to America’s Toughest Sheriff, and he told me to “keep up the good work”. I am a blessed woman, and satisfied that I have done what I came here to do.


Bless up to you All for doing what you do. Together, we are healing a nation.


Cheers to a healthy and prosperous New Year for you and your families,


Kathy Inman

Director, MomForce AZ



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