The MomForce 2018 Year End Wrap-Up

2018 has been a quiet but transformational year for our organization. We began the year participating in our first annual NIDA-sponsored (National Institute on Drug Abuse) event, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. We’re looking forward to year two, coming up on January 26th in Prescott. As always, all are welcome to join us to learn and share your stories.

Don Ream and the gang continue to get together for the Sun City Lunch ‘N’ Learn every Wednesday at Coco’s on Bell, and I cannot believe how much it has grown! The core group welcomes guests each week and helps them find good resources in their neighborhood. I would like to see a similar Lunch ‘n’ Learn in every town. With so much confusing information about medical cannabis, it is wonderful for folks to find some solid information from friendly people who care. Our monthly East Valley meetings at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center are also filling up with a new and different bunch every month.

Last October we had our fifth annual Sun City Health Fair, and it was a blast. We were honored to welcome old friends and new to the All Saints Episcopal Church for an afternoon of community and education. We are already looking forward to next year! Our classes continue at institutes of lifelong learning, and we look forward to bringing more healthy basics and honest education to our neighbors in the new year.

On April 20th, we held a meeting called “How to Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana” at the Prescott Public Library. We were pleased to be joined by some moms from Matforce, including Sally Schindel from Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. Sally has also started a new organization called MomStrong for mothers who have lost kids to drugs. MomStrong and AZRDP are mostly focused on anti-cannabis information. These ladies discussed their concerns about legalization and what they have witnessed since Arizona passed our medical cannabis law. We were able to provide a perspective they had not seen and a conversation they would not find in their usual circles. Don got a few points in, many that may have given them pause. Admittedly he may seem too positive about medical cannabis sometimes, but this is because of the health results he’s seen in his life and in those of his friends. He is celebrating life, and he wants the world to know they can too. Blessed are the peace makers.
We talked about the importance of responsible parenting when it comes to drug and alcohol use, and they said it was a shame the room wasn’t full so more parents could hear what we were saying. Since our meetings are free and open to the public, we never know if we will have five people or fifty. This time it was rather sparse, and I mentioned it was due in part to our organization’s lack of funding. Don said it’s because we didn’t get half a million dollars from indicted opioid dealers (as AZRDP did in 2016). Don will never tell a lie, and probably way too much of the truth.

When it comes to funding, we know MomForce is a hard sell. We are a Drug-Free Organization that is also Pro-Cannabis. We stand for the average everyday person who will not speak up or show online support because they do not want to lose a job, house, or kids. We stand for health and see cannabis for its medicinal value, which isn’t always the popular stance. We encourage sobriety while others choose the party culture. We stand for Life, and personal Choice. We want to break stereotypes while also supporting personal freedom. We stand for independence and liberty, while having to talk politics because politicians are at the root of our problem. All the while, we have been standing to make this legal when far too many people have been deceived about the good that can do. We are not afraid to tell the Emporer he wears no clothes, no matter which side he is on. We have taken a fierce stand against Reefer Madness for many years, and have been disappointed to find half of our collegues working on the same team as the Prohibitionists. Prohibitionists protect jail, alcohol and pharmaceutical interests, while many seemingly pro-cannabis folks also voted No to legal cannabis to protect their jobs. Look for my blog re: legalization next quarter. Every day there is new progress as more states and countries legalize. I feel confident that the truth is prevailing, finally, and in spite of the Reefer Madness.

Last year at this time I had resolved to focus less on medical cannabis and more on other plant-based health alternatives. American Food and our Recreational Eating impact our health and lead us to ask the doctor for pharmaceuticals in the first place. People don’t seem to know the basics that will keep them healthy. An apple a day is no joke. Food truly can be our preventative and curative medicine if we use it correctly.

While I had intended to pay less attention to medical cannabis, I found a renewed interest this year that has lead me to believe it is probably the best all-purpose medicine available. One of my clients was diagnosed with a rare and quickly debilitating ailment. I looked for anything and everything before I had to ask him to take cannabis because I wasn’t sure he would be open to using it. I looked far and wide, but there was no better option available and all studies pointed to THC as the best medicine. MomForce will continue to provide basic information so people understand cannabis is medicine, 100% of the time. We support the benefits and educate about the risks.

Events this year have led me to live my best life, and I hope the same for all of you. My husband Dave had a heart attack last January, helping us to reevaluate. After a few months’ recovery, we looked to find future vacation property and ended up moving to Camp Verde. We have never been happier, and I encourage everyone to seek their happiest self. Life is too short for anything less. My New Year’s Resolutions: For MomForce- Less Politics/More Health For Me- Take Time for Yoga, Aloe & Olive Oil. Anyone who knows Yoga knows it Must be Done. Unlocking those natural chemicals feels great and helps in ways we cannot imagine. Look into Aloe & Olive Oil. Two more of nature’s wonders that make you feel amazing.

We will continue to form new Fellowships with like-minded individuals and businesses in 2019, and we hope you will consider joining us. Your support helps us purchase fliers and pay for our public events. The 2019 Memberships and Sponsorships include our new tshirts: “Learn – Heal -Teach”, guaranteed to start an interesting conversation. Momforce is an all-volunteer organization where everyone is the star, doing their best to help neighbors through meetings and regular interactions. There’s no end to the good we can do together in an effort to make the world a better place.

Wishing you a very Healthy & Blessed 2019!

Kindest regards,

Kathy Inman Director, MomForce AZ

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