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Legalizing “Marijuana” in Arizona – Hindsight is 2020

Legalizing “Marijuana” in Arizona – Hindsight is 2020

By Kathy Inman, Director of MomForce AZ

The word marijuana is in quotes because it is a nickname for a long-underestimated and stigmatized plant that is currently healing the nation. Cannabis is the botanical term for marijuana, and it is about to become legal in Arizona, provided we all do our homework. It’s campaign season again and the usual players are already out in full force, looking for your signature to “Legalize It”. As someone who won a Best of Phoenix award for cannabis advocacy and has taken a stand for the cause in our state since 2007, I feel an obligation to document history for those new to Arizona.

I began standing up for cannabis as an alternative to alcohol to save some lives from overdose. My father died at 43 after years of alcohol use and abuse that began in high school, and I felt I could make a difference by speaking up. I knew cannabis had never taken a life, but I could not have foreseen what I was about to learn. When Arizona obtained medical rights in 2010, I began to learn how many pills people were taking and how many they could replace by using cannabis as medicine. I witnessed mothers getting their life and health back by switching to (what I thought was) a “recreational” drug. How could this be? I began to learn what many have known for thousands of years- cannabis is probably the best all-purpose medicine available. It has been patented by the U.S. government as a neuroprotectant and an antioxidant. It has never taken a life. It was improving my friends’ lives, and what’s more- they were taking their kids off the multiple prescriptions they had been on. Their kids were getting their quality of life back. They were beginning to heal their bodies and remove the cloud of improper diagnosis due to quick and insensitive medical attention. Many doctors prescribe away their patients and move on to what’s next. They rarely offer anything but a pill to remedy, prompting many people to take their health into their own hands through online resources.

I found information from the National Cancer Institute about how THC kills cancer cells, and realized they have known about this since 1974. I began to meet people who had turned their diagnosis around by using cannabis oil concentrates. I have not shut up since. Be sure to read next month’s blog, titled Five Years of MomForce AZ, to learn more about our organization. Today we’re here to talk about legalizing cannabis in Arizona.

When I decided to help change cannabis laws in our state almost twelve years ago, I didn’t think it could be that hard. After all, we are a state that appreciates life and liberty, so how tough could it be to pass laws that would enable people to freely access something that doesn’t hurt them? Surely our lawmakers wouldn’t mind cannabis, what with all of the alcohol in our state. It could only slow down aggravated assault, drunk driving, domestic violence, teen overdose, and a whole host of other violent offenses, right? Wrong. Some lawmakers in Arizona have been acting like the sky is falling and the world will come to a screaming halt if cannabis becomes legal, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary.

Arizona’s medical bill passed by a very slim margin, leaving medical cannabis open for scrutiny and attack by our lawmakers. The Arizona Department of Health set no standards, nor will they deliver any education. Many of our state lawmakers prefer to ignore the evidence and let the pharmaceutical companies control our health. Currently, the Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk is trying to take away concentrates from legal card holders, likely hoping she can help shut down the medical program she doesn’t believe in. She has been fighting cannabis at least as long as I have been standing for it. I applaud her antidrug stance for our kids, and I understand her worry that legalization could mean more addiction. The truth is honest, open education is breaking the cycle of addiction. Teens are using less marijuana in states that legalized cannabis.

 Wasn’t Arizona the first state to pass medical in 1996?

Yes, we were but our lawmakers of the day got together and figured out how to take it away back then. They were able to repeal our medical cannabis rights passed in 1996 by splicing the wording. The initiative read “doctor’s prescription” instead of “doctor’s recommendation”. A prescription can only be written if it is federally legal, and cannabis is not. They were able to repealed it, and Arizona had to wait fourteen more years to use medical cannabis.

Why did medical cannabis pass by such a slim margin in 2010?

Arizona’s medical campaign was organized under the nonprofit Marijuana Policy Project. Many pro-cannabis people did not believe in “medical” cannabis and thought they should run a campaign for legalization instead. This split the vote in two and left us to pass by just under five thousand votes. This also occurred in 2016, but it was far worse. It is one thing to launch a campaign in genuine hopes that it will prevail, but it another thing entirely to launch a phony campaign simply to thwart legalization.      That is what is happening to Arizona.

Why didn’t legal cannabis pass in 2016?

The Marijuana Policy Project (the nonprofit that brought Arizona’s medical rights and has changed laws across the nation for over twenty years) is the same group who legalized Colorado and brought Proposition 205, the initiative to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in 2016. This bill would have allowed possession of up to one ounce and grow allowance of six plants per person or twelve per household. Had it passed, we would all be growing our own medicine legally, and no one would need to purchase a medical card (every year, for $300.00) in Arizona. But it wasn’t enough for some long-time players in the grassroots cannabis community.


Initiatives don’t cost a thing to write and record. Anyone can file, obtain petitions, collect signatures and appear to be a campaign, no matter what their intent. Arizonans for Mindful Drug Regulation (AZfMR), headed by Jason Medar, started a campaign against Proposition 205. They even told people they didn’t think their initiative would get on the ballot. They were just there to spoil legalization for Arizona, and they are already out there talking about a new initiative. They stand for those who have been providing cannabis to consumers for decades, long before Arizona got medical rights. When I realized what these folks were doing, I admit I became a bit unhinged. After all the years standing together against prohibition, many of my friends were going to stand With Prohibition and vote No on 205 because of this movement. It has hurt me to the core to think anyone who understands how this medicine works could stand in the way of progress, and directly in the way of the patients who need help. I know plenty of providers who voted Yes to legal cannabis because it is the right thing to do. I appreciate those who took the risk to bring our neighbors cannabis (and only cannabis) these past decades, but I do not appreciate those who stand in the way of progress. Cannabis should be available for everyone, not just those who “know someone” or who can afford a card.

Safer Arizona was a big supporter of the AZfMR and has launched many of their own ill-fated campaigns. In 2016, their lawyer schooled them to tell voters that Proposition 205 was “a bad bill” written to create “a monopoly for oligarchs”. This could not have been further from the truth. If not for this deceptive skullduggery, we would all have the right to grow and possess cannabis in Arizona.

When every Arizonan can grow their own cannabis, that means access and lower prices for everyone. That is not a monopoly.

As the former volunteer State Director of Arizona NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), I contacted the national hub to let them know what was happening. I told NORML legal advisor and founder Keith Stroup what they were doing. He was kind enough to write a good blog, but he couldn’t convince his crony and Safer lawyer to support legalization. I suppose an Attorney for Cannabis would be out of business if no one gets arrested for possession.

These “no Fake Legalization” advocates made up five or six points (all false) and used the money given by hopeful legalizers to put huge ads in the New Times with no accountability for their lies. Kind Arizonans believed the grass roots and unknowingly voted No on 205 in 2016, to their own detriment.

I must thank the New Times for contacting me to see where the Prop. 205 ads were. I didn’t work on the campaign other than in a volunteer capacity, so I had no information. Had the campaign known the impact of those NT ads, I am pretty sure they would have combatted them. Hindsight is 20/20.

Arizona had a wonderful legalization team that put a whole new face on cannabis. We had a stellar lawyer with an ability to communicate facts in a personable and down-to-earth fashion. We had a smart, organized businessman for a chairman. He took no salary because cannabis relieved his young daughter from multiple daily seizures. We had a cheery, well-spoken political director. There were numerous professional women standing up and speaking out. I could not have been prouder to stand with them as one of the volunteer Moms, on our way to legalization.

We got enough signatures and the initiative got to the ballot. It is a little-known fact that in Arizona’s history we have never seen a volunteer signature drive make it to ballot. It is simply too huge a task, which is why funded campaigns like the MPP’s pay signature collectors. I believe it could be done, but so far we have not been able to get enough people involved and in agreement at the same time. This is the biggest challenge in the Arizona Cannabis Community- Unity.

Until the Arizona Dispensary Association and the Grassroots Cannabis Community agree upon and propel one initiative, it is very possible we may not pass legalization in 2020.

It is also possible that our legislature will be smart enough to pick up the legalization ball and run with it. In that scenario, we get no say about what goes into the initiative. Everyone in our entire community had a say in 2016. The grassroots fought the dispensary owners to keep grow rights in, and this weakened our campaign. Many don’t know this, but some big money donors pulled support for keeping grow rights in Propostion 205. This left us without the funds to properly advertise and fight the nonsense we saw from the prohibitionists. Nonetheless, I was happy to see grow rights in the bill. It made Proposition 205 fair for everyone. We will probably not see that from our legislature should they take this away. Losing legalization in 2016 has set our cause back four years and taken medicine out of the mouths of our most vulnerable neighbors.

As it turns out, Arizona is Ground Zero for the War on Drugs. Momfore is caught in the middle-standing for life, liberty, health, and safety. We represent the average, everyday consumer. Between the Pharmaceutical Companies’ desire to keep Arizona seniors under their control, the individuals and entities indebted to them, and the illicit market, the average cannabis consumer makes up a much slimmer portion of the majority than one may think. Every vote counts if you want to win in 2020.

The Prohibitionists

They will continue to fight legal cannabis, bringing up the same out-dated rhetoric about the substance in an effort to scare our neighbors into voting No to legalization. Stand with us and against prohibitionists like Attorneys General Bill Montgomery and Sheila Polk. One thousand thank yous to Ray Stern at the New Times for his ongoing investigative reporting on the subject. They have a perpetual modern-day Reefer Madness campaign happening, and it is fueled by those with big paychecks and lots to lose when cannabis goes completely mainstream. Last election cycle, Sheila’s group Matforce and their political arm, Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, took $500,000 from indicted opioid dealers, INSYS, to stop legal cannabis. The story made headlines around the world.

Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk is a long-time, ardent opponent of legalization. As a Yavapai resident I am disheartened to find a county full of rehabs and teen alcoholism. I have implored her team at Matforce to understand cannabis. I have attended their meetings and tried to have an honest dialog, but they are not interested. I used to think this was because they were not open to a conversation about any drugs, but I now know they have no problem with the prescription drugs that are taking the lives of twenty-five kids in our state every month. I approached them in 2014 to ask them, as a mother, to consider focusing on heroin and methamphetamines. I reached out to our county attorney again when I moved to Yavapai last fall. She’s not interested in science. She cannot be concerned with health and safety or she would be paying attention. Today our opioid epidemic is worse than ever and meth has made a comeback, while Matforce has poured outlandish resources into their anti-cannabis crusade. As a mother I cannot imagine getting the call that my child went to a party and was not coming home. That never happens with cannabis, but it does happen with alcohol and pills. It happens to thousands of moms every year. Our state-awarded, Governor-granted, anti-drug organization should be pouring every last resource into opioid education. Instead I have watched while moms and grandmoms lose their young people to pills, when they could have been educated about the risks and the options.

Has she not has heard the good news that teens are using less cannabis in states that legalized marijuana?

Doug Ducey has ignored evidence along with this bunch. He is knee-deep and just as guilty of knowing the truth but standing with his reluctant, under-educated donors. Governor Ducey called every Arizonans the night before the election to tell them that Colorado schools never received a dime from the marijuana revenue, and that the Proposition 205 campaign was lying. He should be ashamed of himself for peddling this deceptive information, along with the entire gang of prohibitionists who didn’t mind bending the truth. Colorado officials actually called on Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy to stop lying.

Robert Leger, longtime editor of the Arizona Republic turned down my oped about heroin use in Mesa Schools in 2015. My facts came directly from a student witness. She and I took the information to the former Sheriff Joe Arpaio to thwart the activity and save some lives. The Sheriff listened and agreed with our assessment. When submitted to Leger, he bantered back and forth about my facts. I sent him links to the science. He continued to refuse my submission, and I have not heard back about any Letters submitted to the Editor since. Meanwhile, Matforce opinions are published on an ongoing basis, sometimes without any basis in Fact. Imagine how many parents could have kept a closer eye on their kids had that letter been published. Imagine how many lives could have been saved, had the truth been told.  Robert Leger is now the Media Contact for Arizonans For Responsible Drug Policy.

Some Smoke Shops and Certification Clinics feared they would lose their business if cannabis became legal, so they joined the campaign in support of the “No Fake Legalization” movement. Proposition 205 would have kept our medical program in place, just like Colorado, so medical patients would not have to pay the recreational tax. The medical program was not going away, and neither were the smoke shops. These were scare tactics brought by a coordinated effort to suppress legalization. The Arizona Republic was good enough to do a Fact Check, proving the smoke shops’ false claims.

MomForce urges you to support businesses who supported your right to grow and possess cannabis, not the ones who stood in the way.

Understanding Cannabis Advocates

For many years, regular people have feared cannabis due to images of crowds of pot-smoking celebrations. These people are celebrating life and freedom. Many of them understand what this progress can do for our health. They are celebrating the freedom to use a less harmful alternative to alcohol for recreation. Some will over-indulge. That is why we need education. It’s time to clear the smoke to see the light.

I have always tried to educate those who don’t understand cannabis in hopes they will learn, heal, and teach others. It is hard for the mainstream to venture into the subject when they see dancing potleaves on the corner trying to “sell them medicine” from some crazy “doctor”. These businesses have diminished the medicine and hampered its progress. The professionals in this industry are the ones we respect, and the only ones we accept as our sponsors. There are many good people in this industry, and I thank every one of them for taking the risks and making the sacrifices they have to help others. I pray you will all work together to forward progress for this gentle and effective medicine.

Momforce will continue to focus on educating our neighbors about this medicine to help them realize renewed health, and in hopes our state will make the right decision in 2020. If you are someone who wants to see Arizona legalize cannabis in 2020, stay tuned. We will be watching the players to see who is rising to the top and who may have a chance to be on the ballot. We are non-biased and beholden to no one. We believe cannabis should be legal for all, like aspirin. We are here to help educate about the benefits and the risks.

If you see a petition for legalization, sign it. It doesn’t matter if it may not be on the ballot. It could be the one, and I don’t want you to miss that opportunity. In January 2020 we will be talking about who will be on the ballot and which campaigns can use your help. At that time, we are sure to dig in as well to help push Arizona over the required number of votes. Until then, keep educating by starting those conversation with friends, family, and coworkers.

Bless up, All. ☀️                                              

There is no end to the good we can do together.

The MomForce 2018 Year End Wrap-Up

2018 has been a quiet but transformational year for our organization. We began the year participating in our first annual NIDA-sponsored (National Institute on Drug Abuse) event, National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week. We’re looking forward to year two, coming up on January 26th in Prescott. As always, all are welcome to join us to learn and share your stories.

Don Ream and the gang continue to get together for the Sun City Lunch ‘N’ Learn every Wednesday at Coco’s on Bell, and I cannot believe how much it has grown! The core group welcomes guests each week and helps them find good resources in their neighborhood. I would like to see a similar Lunch ‘n’ Learn in every town. With so much confusing information about medical cannabis, it is wonderful for folks to find some solid information from friendly people who care. Our monthly East Valley meetings at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center are also filling up with a new and different bunch every month.

Last October we had our fifth annual Sun City Health Fair, and it was a blast. We were honored to welcome old friends and new to the All Saints Episcopal Church for an afternoon of community and education. We are already looking forward to next year! Our classes continue at institutes of lifelong learning, and we look forward to bringing more healthy basics and honest education to our neighbors in the new year.

On April 20th, we held a meeting called “How to Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana” at the Prescott Public Library. We were pleased to be joined by some moms from Matforce, including Sally Schindel from Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy. Sally has also started a new organization called MomStrong for mothers who have lost kids to drugs. MomStrong and AZRDP are mostly focused on anti-cannabis information. These ladies discussed their concerns about legalization and what they have witnessed since Arizona passed our medical cannabis law. We were able to provide a perspective they had not seen and a conversation they would not find in their usual circles. Don got a few points in, many that may have given them pause. Admittedly he may seem too positive about medical cannabis sometimes, but this is because of the health results he’s seen in his life and in those of his friends. He is celebrating life, and he wants the world to know they can too. Blessed are the peace makers.
We talked about the importance of responsible parenting when it comes to drug and alcohol use, and they said it was a shame the room wasn’t full so more parents could hear what we were saying. Since our meetings are free and open to the public, we never know if we will have five people or fifty. This time it was rather sparse, and I mentioned it was due in part to our organization’s lack of funding. Don said it’s because we didn’t get half a million dollars from indicted opioid dealers (as AZRDP did in 2016). Don will never tell a lie, and probably way too much of the truth.

When it comes to funding, we know MomForce is a hard sell. We are a Drug-Free Organization that is also Pro-Cannabis. We stand for the average everyday person who will not speak up or show online support because they do not want to lose a job, house, or kids. We stand for health and see cannabis for its medicinal value, which isn’t always the popular stance. We encourage sobriety while others choose the party culture. We stand for Life, and personal Choice. We want to break stereotypes while also supporting personal freedom. We stand for independence and liberty, while having to talk politics because politicians are at the root of our problem. All the while, we have been standing to make this legal when far too many people have been deceived about the good that can do. We are not afraid to tell the Emporer he wears no clothes, no matter which side he is on. We have taken a fierce stand against Reefer Madness for many years, and have been disappointed to find half of our collegues working on the same team as the Prohibitionists. Prohibitionists protect jail, alcohol and pharmaceutical interests, while many seemingly pro-cannabis folks also voted No to legal cannabis to protect their jobs. Look for my blog re: legalization next quarter. Every day there is new progress as more states and countries legalize. I feel confident that the truth is prevailing, finally, and in spite of the Reefer Madness.

Last year at this time I had resolved to focus less on medical cannabis and more on other plant-based health alternatives. American Food and our Recreational Eating impact our health and lead us to ask the doctor for pharmaceuticals in the first place. People don’t seem to know the basics that will keep them healthy. An apple a day is no joke. Food truly can be our preventative and curative medicine if we use it correctly.

While I had intended to pay less attention to medical cannabis, I found a renewed interest this year that has lead me to believe it is probably the best all-purpose medicine available. One of my clients was diagnosed with a rare and quickly debilitating ailment. I looked for anything and everything before I had to ask him to take cannabis because I wasn’t sure he would be open to using it. I looked far and wide, but there was no better option available and all studies pointed to THC as the best medicine. MomForce will continue to provide basic information so people understand cannabis is medicine, 100% of the time. We support the benefits and educate about the risks.

Events this year have led me to live my best life, and I hope the same for all of you. My husband Dave had a heart attack last January, helping us to reevaluate. After a few months’ recovery, we looked to find future vacation property and ended up moving to Camp Verde. We have never been happier, and I encourage everyone to seek their happiest self. Life is too short for anything less. My New Year’s Resolutions: For MomForce- Less Politics/More Health For Me- Take Time for Yoga, Aloe & Olive Oil. Anyone who knows Yoga knows it Must be Done. Unlocking those natural chemicals feels great and helps in ways we cannot imagine. Look into Aloe & Olive Oil. Two more of nature’s wonders that make you feel amazing.

We will continue to form new Fellowships with like-minded individuals and businesses in 2019, and we hope you will consider joining us. Your support helps us purchase fliers and pay for our public events. The 2019 Memberships and Sponsorships include our new tshirts: “Learn – Heal -Teach”, guaranteed to start an interesting conversation. Momforce is an all-volunteer organization where everyone is the star, doing their best to help neighbors through meetings and regular interactions. There’s no end to the good we can do together in an effort to make the world a better place.

Wishing you a very Healthy & Blessed 2019!

Kindest regards,

Kathy Inman Director, MomForce AZ

Standing for Life in a Culture of Death-Our American Tragedy

Standing for Life in a Culture of Death – Our American Tragedy

Recent tragedies have America broken hearted and searching for answers. It is far easier to blame something outside ourselves than to look within to see the series of problems which have brought us this sad state of affairs. At MomForce, we stand for Life and Liberty. We believe the issue of gun violence in our country is a multifaceted problem that requires good sense, level heads, and reasonable solutions. Measures can be taken to keep our kids safer, but we also need to understand many of our problems started at home.

I was raised Catholic, in a Conservative family. As the wars in the middle east continued without end, I realized that a vote for the right meant a vote for war. I was asked to vote for the Pro Life candidate at church, but that candidate supported more war, and the death penalty. How can you be Pro Life and support war and the death penalty?  I don’t understand the hypocrisy. Life is life, and we have no business judging when or if it ends, in my humble opinion. As stated, this is my opinion, and I do not believe it is my right to impose on anyone else.

The idea that we raise young men and women to be excited to kill people overseas should be looked on as a medieval notion. Surely we can deal with leaders and find a peaceful means to an end. That is, unless there is money involved. As someone who stands for life, I will never vote for a candidate who supports war. I am now a registered Independent because I know both parties are guilty of perpetuating this war without end. We have no business sending  children off to fight these wars and expect them to come back without severe emotional damage. When they do, we give them a bagful of deadly, addictive pills with side effects including suicidal thoughts-and tell them to go home.  Our Veterans Administration is a national embarrassment.

We have allowed 24 hour cable news and talk radio to divide neighbor against neighbor, friend against friend, and family members against family members in hopes of achieving ratings. The pharmaceutical companies take up most of their commercial time, paying dearly for those repetitive drug ads. Neither the media nor our leaders will speak against them, or they will lose their lucrative accounts and donors. The most divisive programs are in the top ten of the cable news ratings. Fox News’s reaction to the Parkland Town Hall was the last straw for me. I encourage everyone I know to watch something pleasant or better yet, just turn it off.

We have allowed lawmakers to stay in Congress for decades while they fight the same unending battles without progress, all the while further dividing their constituents down the middle along party lines. The majority of these folks would rather see our neighbors remain addicted and dying from pills and heroin than recognize the one non lethal substance that is helping. These lawmakers have had their hands out to corporate lobbyists, taking money from any entity no matter what the outcome to our kids, our environment, our freedom, and our health- all to keep a political career which should be required to change after 4-8 years of service.

We are One Nation, under God, or whatever you choose to call our collective Creator. We are not a Blue or Red state. We are One People, One World. We need to recognize each other as brothers and sisters and work together.

We must practice Mindful Parenting.

We fill our kids full of the worst foods available, give them prescriptions without thinking, supply them with an electronic device- and walk away. Even parents who are home aren’t always there. They are occupied with life and achievements. Houses, cars, and “Retail therapy” are driving many families to push themselves to the brink to buy things they don’t need to keep up with what’s sold to us on television. America’s obsession with consumption has us sick, addicted, and dying to keep up with too many of our kids left alone to figure it out. Parents work two and three jobs trying to chase an American Dream when they should try to pare down to the basics of what they can afford and enjoy time together.

Time is all we really have. Forget the housecleaning and the yard and go do something. There’s a million free things to do if you’re short on cash. Get up and get outdoors.

The processed foods we are eating are causing many to go to the doctor, and the doctor is quick to write a prescription. Our kids are full of so many prescriptions, many parents are finding the complications from the various medications hurt their kids more than the initial problem. The pharmaceutical companies have also gotten to our farmers, poisoning our livestock as well. Kids are being diagnosed “special needs” from interactions of too many prescription drugs. About one out of ten children are diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). These drugs equate to “Meth Light” and are actually made of the same components as street meth, carrying many of the same addictive side effects. Kids with behavioral disorders are also given mood enhancing drugs called SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors). These drugs cause some folks to feel agitated, suicidal, and homicidal. Many report hearing voices while using these drugs. Why would they give these to someone who is already sad or depressed? I am not sure, but their sales have increased by about 400% in the last twenty years. An overwhelming percent of mass shootings have been fueled by these drugs. Couple these drugs with the violent video games, processed food, and cable news- and you have a recipe for disaster.

Many parents are beginning to solve behavior problems at home with natural solutions. Cut out processed foods first. Use basic, recognizable ingredients and make dinner yourself. It’s fun and it gives you a chance to talk. Never put your kids on drugs unless they have a truly valid medical issue. Do some research and find out if natural solutions will work for your child’s issue. Kids need our love, attention, time, and a purpose. They don’t need drugs.

Absentee Parenting is Our Greatest American Tragedy

Our Children Learn What They Live

Our kids are looking at us to be their guide and their best example. If a child is raised with Tolerance, he will learn to Tolerate. If you bully your child, your child will be a bully. Be mindful of their social media interaction, friends, and actions in general. Be responsible for the person you have created. Teach him or her to be kind. Take time with each other. Put down your phones and go for a walk. Always love thy neighbor regardless of political affiliation, race, nationality, or sexual preference. Love thy neighbor- even when you are driving!

We can blame the gun lobby for aggressive sales, or we can blame the system that allowed these folks to bring big checks to politicians to keep them on their side. We need to vote out those who do not stand for our values. The gun lobby is just one of many entities that are ruining our country and paying politicians to stay quiet. Major waterways are being poisoned, pharmaceutical companies are getting away with murder, and a hundred other injustices happen every day in our country. The gun lobby is just another business making a fortune on America’s Culture of Death.

Do I personally think private citizens need assault rifles? No, but I am not going to tell someone else they cannot go to the range and fire one if that’s the sport he or she enjoys.        Other countries have banned automatic weapons with lifesaving results, but I don’t see that happening in America. We have allowed guns to be sold without accountability for so long that they are everywhere. Responsible citizens register them initially, but then they end up sold to friends or at gun shows. That’s how they end up in the hands of criminals. Now there are so many on the street it wouldn’t be fair to ask trustworthy people to turn theirs in.

It is also less than fair to ask responsible medical marijuana patients to give up their rights for using a healthier medicine than prescription drugs. Many prescription drugs are known to have psychotic side effects, and are prescribed without worry. Alcohol fuels violence, traffic deaths, rape, assault, domestic violence, and kills thousands of people every year. It’s sold everywhere we go. Gun owners are able to drink all they please while taking their sidearm into bars and other public places. The NRA endorses these without question, but makes reefer madness reels about cannabis. More hypocrisy in the Culture of Death.

Do I personally think we need to raise the age to purchase a firearm? No.

Since our brains are not developed until we are 25 or more, there is no physical change between 18 and 21 that would make a difference. Soldiers can enlist at 18, and there are thousands of capable young gun owners.  Going forward, common sense would say we need to tighten up some of our gun regulations. Hopefully the experts will figure out what works and we will see progress. Our population has grown since the Constitution was written, and it is important to maintain public safety.

When the Constitution was written, we didn’t have the toxic combination of cable news, processed foods, multiple prescription drugs, vacant parents, and Happy Hour. Our neighbors are sick from bad food, pills, rhetoric, and booze.

Citizens at ease would never think to pick up a weapon to hurt another. Healthy, stable people can be in a whole room full of artillery and never think of shooting their neighbors. The trouble isn’t the gun, it is the state of the shooter. We must address the feelings that fuel the tragedy.

Citizens are not at ease. I am not at ease with the current state of our country.

So, I will March for LIFE on March 24 with my neighbors in Phoenix at the March for Our Lives.

I will be marching for Change, for our Kids, and for the future safety of my neighbors.

If you see me, I will be holding an American Flag and crying like Iron Eyes Cody for our country and for Our American Tragedy.




A Viable Solution to the Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

A Viable Solution to the Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

America is in the grip of an opioid drug crisis. We lose someone every twenty minutes to opioid pain pills, and their use has led many to street heroin. This is taking place in regular towns amongst good people, and there has to be a means to an end. Fortunately, there is a non-toxic option that’s legal and proven effective. It’s medical marijuana. About 150,000 Arizonans qualified for medical marijuana, and of those the majority qualified under chronic pain. These patients reduced or stopped their opioid drug use by using marijuana as an alternative. This takes opioid drugs out of medicine cabinets, off streets, and out of the hands of our kids. You may think, “That’s medical marijuana. It’s already legal”. True, but many cannot afford the card and others don’t want to use something illegal. “Medical marijuana” and “recreational marijuana” are the same product. Yes, some are bred for better quality, but they’re the same product. Colorado has seen a 6.5% drop in opioid-related deaths since legalization, according to the American Journal of Public Health*.

Governor Doug Ducey says he won’t trade one drug for another, but he’s going to propel Naloxone. Naloxone is a drug used to bring someone back from an overdose. We do appreciate Naloxone, but prefer to prevent an overdose before it happens. Cannabis (marijuana) cannot cause overdose, according the Centers for Disease Control. We lose about ten young people every month in Arizona to opioid overdose. Cannabis is proven effective for pain relief, and as an exit drug for opioid withdrawal. Many are using this as a natural alternative to Suboxone and Methadone. Meant to bring people down slowly, these common opiate-based prescriptions are keeping many people hooked. Cannabis is less addictive, and doesn’t damage the body the way opioid drugs do.

Governor Ducey’s opioid crisis solutions have not made a difference. On the contrary, the death toll is higher than ever. I speak with the families, and it’s heartbreaking. Lives are being saved in states with reformed cannabis laws. The substance should be legal for adults, like aspirin. Other states have saved lives by regulating cannabis within their state legislature, and Arizona can be next.

Governor Ducey says people who suggest this option are doing so out of monetary interest, which offends me. I’ve been an unpaid volunteer, using my American rights to speak out against what I find wrong and share the truth with my neighbors for the last decade. I do not work for the marijuana industry. I am a witness, who tripped over a solution to this crisis while standing to save lives from alcohol and pills. I am a woman raised with respect for life, a mother who wants to keep kids safe, and an Arizonan for liberty and less government intrusion, on a mission to save lives. I pray Governor Ducey will include this viable solution in his next special session on the opioid crisis.


*Opioid-related deaths fell 6.5% after recreational marijuana legalized in Colorado, research finds

Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds


MomForce AZ 2017 Wrap Up – A Decade of Cannabis Advocacy

MomForce AZ 2017 Wrap Up – A Decade of Cannabis Advocacy


This month marks my tenth year in cannabis advocacy.

When I came into this issue, I had been standing up for education and those who do not have a voice. Having overcome my own difficult experiences, I wanted to help those who could not or did not think they could help themselves. My interest in injustice led me to understand cannabis prohibition, and my understanding turned into a decade long crusade. While I knew we were saving lives standing for a just cause, it was such fun in the beginning I saw it as a sort of selfish outreach. We all wanted to live in a world without penalties for cannabis possession, but many of us had no idea how much good we could do by responsibly propelling the issue. Together, we have learned more about our health and our government than many of us ever predicted. Over the years, the meetings we started have brought great friends, family, and blessings beyond my expectations. I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to stand up for cannabis. Having lost my father to alcohol and seeing so many kids lose their short life to substance experimentation, I stood up to save lives. I stood to fight an injustice that had the potential to impact every facet of our society. As I learned about cannabis I began to see an answer to environmental issues, world hunger, violence, overdose deaths, and addiction. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn.


As a woman raised with respect for life, a mother who wants to keep kids safe, and an Arizonan for liberty and less government intrusion, I could not ignore the injustice of cannabis prohibition once I realized its origin. I knew we could save lives by talking about this, understanding it, and changing the laws surrounding it.


The cat is out of the bag.

The world is beginning to understand cannabis. Through social media and honest education, we are learning just how common its use is, and has always been. People are finally beginning to feel comfortable talking about it without snickering, and more importantly they are considering using it as an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The statistics keep coming in, and they continue to weigh in favor of legalization. Teen drug use is down, dui-related traffic fatalities are down, and overdose deaths are down in states that allow cannabis. Cannabis is making our world a peaceful and more empathetic society. Thanks to all of you who have stood up, written letters, made calls to legislators, and propelled the truth through conversation and on social media, prohibition is fast becoming a thing of the past.  


There is still much work and education to be done, and MomForce will continue to defend cannabis use when necessary and educate our neighbors wherever possible.


What is MomForce?


MomForce is a 501c4 nonprofit organization for substance education, harm prevention, and whole health solutions. We are an all-volunteer group of parents and concerned citizens standing for good health and common sense drug policy.


-We are not beholden to any business or monetary entity. Our contributors are listed on our website. While we thank them for their support, we do not recommend products or businesses.


-Are we pro-cannabis? Yes, we are for all natural solutions that leads us to higher health. Cannabis is helping people with issues from pain management to cancer treatment.               Our nation is in the grip of an opioid epidemic. As a nontoxic alternative to opioid pain pills, we focus on cannabis as a quick remedy to this deadly crisis. While cannabis is becoming legal across the nation, honest education is breaking the cycle of drug use and addiction.


As we go forward, we will continue to educate about cannabis and explore other issues that have impacted our health. After talking with hundreds if not thousands of Arizonans about their medicine, I have come to the conclusion that many of us are ill because of what we eat. When we eat for prevention and not just for pleasure, we can move through most all health problems. Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food. Truer words have never been spoken. Without health problems, you don’t need prescription drugs.

The Powers That Be convinced us that cannabis was bad, and their chemicals are good.

Of course they got to our food, as well.


I am overwhelmed how power and greed has been allowed to take away our health.

Think about it- if something is being sold to you, it probably isn’t good for you.

Pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and unhealthy foods are pushed on us every day.

So many legal poisons, not many healthy solutions being pushed or sold to you.

Have you seen a commercial for Broccoli? How about Green Tea?

Milk? Yes. Got Milk?

Beef? It’s What’s for Dinner.


These industries use their billions to make more billions, on the back of our health.

Americans have fallen into a Culture of Consumerism that is leading us to a Culture of Death.

We eat terrible foods from morning to night and wonder why we feel bad. Doctors are quick with a pill to make us feel better. Pharmaceutical commercials blow my mind with their happy dancing people, light hearted music, and deadly warnings. It’s like we are living in some sort of alternate universe.


There is so much heartache and  injustice in our world. It is hard to bear, and many fall into the hands of addiction. Whether it’s food, alcohol, or drugs, it’s all being sold to you at every turn from the time we are born.

So many homeless people, while so many vacation homes sit empty.

So many seniors sit alone, while kids wait for their parents to play with them.

There is a lot of work to be done in our communities, and we can all do something to help.


MomForce is working to make this world a better place through advocacy and education.

We are going to be approaching new issues and climbing to new heights in the future.

Drug policy will remain our main focus, but we will also be talking about the issues that lead people to take drugs through our Let’s Get Real About Drugs and Arizona Parents & Concerned Citizens outreaches.

-Bad health



-Family issues


Our goal has always been to save lives and help break the cycle of addiction.


As an all-volunteer organization, we depend on the kindness of others to propel our mission.

Donations fuel our projects, and without them we cannot continue.

MomForce is hard to support since we are neither in the cannabis industry nor the mainstream. I understand your apprehension. We are friendly with law enforcement, and that makes many industry people nervous. I have always believed we are doing the right thing, and no one needs to know this more than law enforcement and law makers. We will continue to reach out and educate those who need to know more. We speak truth to power. We are politically independent, so we are sure to offend those on both sides on the aisle.

We stand for pragmatic progress, and truth above all else.


We appreciate those who have bravely stood on the edge and supported us in the past, and we encourage others to invest in our work. There is no end to the good we can do together.


To free up time to devote to new projects, I have removed MomForce as an affiliate of Americans for Safe Access. We appreciate their good work and will continue to refer folks to their website and great information.


I am creating a new contact list for MomForce.

Our list needs an update! If you would like to stay up to date on our events, stay in touch with us at If you would like to be added to our new email list, please sign up through the online form.


What’s up for me in 2018?


I am excited to say I will be again returning to school to learn more about health, wellness, and substance abuse. I will remain Director of MomForce and continue to teach my classes, lead support groups, and help make the world a better place where I can. I plan to concentrate on my wonderful family and organize my house from top to bottom. Ten years of neglect and travel have caught up and I have much to do! I am anxious to get started. I have been successfully vegan for 18 months, and alcohol-free for about five. I am feeling toxin-free and healthier than ever before. Clean living is a whole new high!


I have been proud to be a voice for cannabis, but after ten years talking about little else, I must move on. I will continue to speak up when necessary, but I must make more time for the things that are most important: my Family and true Friends. It was never my intention to remain in the industry. Before the blessing of motherhood, I intended to go to medical school. Through this cannabis outreach, I have learned enough to help people on a path to higher health, and I am excited to develop this calling. I will surely be at the occasional industry event,  in support of the host or Mr. Inman while he lights up the world. My husband has patiently supported me at my events all these years, and I am delighted to be there to support him in all he does.


I would like to thank the representatives who stood with me in 2017, and invite all members to become more involved going forward. My partner on the west side, Don Ream, has done an amazing job rounding up a New Posse in Sun City. Don has brought together an amazing group of advocates, teachers, and friends to help neighbors in America’s Retirement Capital.  If you are a member, please reach out if you would like to become more hands on with this organization. We are all-volunteer and open to new ideas!


I will continue to lead respectable demonstrations when necessary.

On January 8th, we will be back at the Arizona State Capital to remind our lawmakers that cannabis can stop the opioid epidemic for our 3rd annual demonstration on opening day. I encourage all of you to join us to stand for a nontoxic solution and contact your representatives to tell them what you know about opioids and cannabis.


This is a life and death issue, and I have always asked activists to give it the respect it deserves.

While cannabis advocacy was fun for me at first, I quickly realized we were talking about a possible cure for cancer, among many other ailments. It is for this reason I have promoted responsible, respectful, educational advocacy without consumption. There’s a time and a place for everything, and I don’t have time to organize parties when there is so much work to be done. Real advocacy for this cause means breaking old stereotypes and changing hearts and minds, in my opinion.

I have been disappointed by some who have come to us as a volunteer to stand for the medicine, then turn around and exploit consumption. This perpetuates stereotypes and makes our whole industry look bad.


While I thoroughly understand and appreciate the culture of the adult community, I stand so our grandchildren may grow up in a drug-free world.


I came here to save lives. It’s working. I didn’t come here for any sort of fame or notoriety. I did what I have done to try to help in a way I thought I could. I did it because it is the right thing to do. While I didn’t do this for fame, I ended up getting some because I stood up as a volunteer for Prop. 205. My grocer, friends, everyone saw me on those commercials. People still look at me in the store, and sometimes they come up and thank me. Many times, they bless me.

That’s what I run on. The idea that I am doing something so good that people are compelled to say God Bless You for what you do.

After ten years, I look back knowing I was named the Best at what I have done. I was able to explain cannabis prohibition to America’s Toughest Sheriff, and he told me to “keep up the good work”. I am a blessed woman, and satisfied that I have done what I came here to do.


Bless up to you All for doing what you do. Together, we are healing a nation.


Cheers to a healthy and prosperous New Year for you and your families,


Kathy Inman

Director, MomForce AZ