At MomForce, we pay attention to science. Science tells us our brains are not developed until we are in our mid-twenties. Using any unnecessary medication on a daily basis can impact the underdeveloped brain. Teens need to stay away from all drugs (both legal and illegal) unless they have a valid medical condition.

Doing drugs before our brain is developed is like playing football without a helmet.

Currently, one in five kids are offered an ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) medication. We have learned that many kids are prescribed multiple pharmaceuticals to alleviate common childhood and teenage problems.

MomForce has heard from dozens of families who report detrimental side effects from these pediatric medications. Many pharmaceuticals have mild components of illicit drugs like methamphetamine and heroin.

Parents are turning to natural alternatives, including medical cannabis, and they are finding outstanding results.

We recommend examining diet and exercise before taking any medication. Every single thing that we consume impacts our mood, health, and vitality.

Those who have switched from processed foods to a Real Food diet have seen improved health within a very short amount of time.              If you cannot recognize the ingredients, don’t eat it! Processed foods are hurting us as much as multiple pharmaceuticals.

It is important to address our diets and the legal drugs our kids are taking before they end up turning to street drugs to feel good.


Kids need our Time, Attention, Love and a Purpose. They don’t need drugs.


MomForce is very proud to be a participant in the annual National Institute on Drug Abuse National Drug & Alcohol Fact Week, and we support their information for teens.

We work to reduce drug use and break the cycle of addiction, and we know change starts with our children.


Drug Facts for Teens from the National Institute on Drug Abuse



Breaking the cycle of addiction starts at home. Talk to your kids, and be their Best Example.


Parent’s Marijuana Talk Kit from the Partnership for a Drug Free America