There is an enormous amount of information online about cannabis (also known as marijuana). Our information comes from a collaboration of the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, Arizona Youth Survey, American Journal of Public Safety, and other reliable sources.

While we advise against abuse of any substance, we have seen our neighbors regain their health and stop addiction to more harmful substances when they use medical cannabis responsibly.

Many people have found relief from common pains and disease by using legal CBD products that can be purchased without a medical card. Find reliable products at these trusted vendors:



The websites above and presentation below will help you understand the history, uses, and medicinal applications of cannabis.


Our presentation Understanding Cannabis for Higher Health has been called the “best and most meaningful class taken” and rated excellent by students of Lifelong Learning across Arizona.

MomForce will bring this thought-provoking class and discussion to your group or organization, free of charge.

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