Kathy Inman

Kathy Inman


Kathy Inman has been an advocate for education, life, and liberty in Arizona since 2003. Awarded "Best of Phoenix 2016" for her advocacy, she’s brought information to state lawmakers and lawmen, and answered questions for students and parents in classrooms across Arizona.

"As a woman raised with respect for life, a mother who wants to keep kids safe, and an American for liberty and less government intrusion, I believe we need a new approach to drug education.

We lose too many kids to alcohol and drug experimentation, and I know we can save lives by talking about non-toxic alternatives to alcohol and pills. I am a mother, and a grandmother. I want a better future for our kids. I never want a mom to get the call that their child overdosed because they did not understand what they were taking.

After speaking with thousands of people across our state for the last decade, I am confident we can break the cycle of addiction with honest education. People are improving, extending, and sometimes even saving their lives with natural alternatives to prescription drugs and alcohol. In this age of so many substances, we are both obligated and delighted to help our neighbors on a path to higher health."

Kathy Inman was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to Arizona in 1992. She is a patient advocate and recently relocated resident of Camp Verde where she lives with her husband Dave.

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Don Ream, Sr.

Don Ream, Sr.


Don Ream, Sr. is a retired Teamster and
Vietnam Veteran of the United States Navy. He has been a medical marijuana patient since 2011 and has seen marked improvement in his health. Don has been working to help his neighbors to understand this alternative by teaching classes and hosting a weekly lunch for senior citizens.
He offers medical marijuana advice for improved health and lives with his wife Kathleen in Sun City.

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(602) 421-2615